Volkswagen specialist near me

Volkswagen specialist near me

Should I Use a European Repair Shop Instead of The Dealership for my Volkswagen and Audi?


VW, Skoda & Audi Specialist Mechanic - Jai Prakash (Chennai ...If you are a Volkswagen or Audi car owner, it is of the utmost importance that you have your vehicle serviced and repaired by a highly-trained technician. While the cheap cost of a shade-tree mechanic may sound tempting, the risk of getting shoddy workmanship is usually not worth it in the long run. The only legitimate options are to either take the vehicle to the dealership or to a local independent auto repair shop.

Here are some important facts to help you to decide the best route to take.

1) Most Audi and Volkswagen dealerships have the benefit of having genuine OEM parts in stock. However, the prices for these car parts are usually very expensive. On the other hand, an independent European repair shop is able to obtain the necessary OEM parts for a far less expensive price. Many dealerships charge the customer a premium price for the parts because they are readily available.

Experienced Technicians…
2) Contrary to popular opinion, a dealership does not equate to quality service. In many instances, a specialty German automotive shop will have more experienced technicians on staff. This means that the customer will be getting a higher quality mechanic at half the cost of the dealership. Many of the independent specialty shops are able to locate problems with pinpoint accuracy. If a repair is needed, the car owner can expect their vehicle to be fixed with a high degree of workmanship. After all, any Audi or Volkswagen owner would much rather be paying for a highly qualified technician versus a savvy Service Writer.

Customer Service…
3) Many Audi and Volkswagen owners complain about the customer service at the dealership. Not only are they forced to endure an extended waiting period, but many dealerships also tend to treat the customer like a stranger. An independent automotive shop that specializes in the repair of Volkswagen and Audi vehicles are usually a lot more personalized. Unlike at a dealership, the specialty shop takes the time to keep the customer updated on every step of the repair process. The independent shop is far less likely to charge the customer excessive fees for a service that is not needed… because their goal is to earn your continued and repeat business.

Clearly, specialty Audi and Volkswagen automotive shops offer far more advantages to the customer than the dealership. Desert Oasis European Auto Service and Repair are one of the top European automotive repair shops in the Las Vegas area that specializes in the care of Audi and Volkswagen vehicles. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Desert Oasis at your earliest convenience to schedule a visit.

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